About Us

Treatment services are provided by William Mark Konyecsni, MD

Dr. Konyecsni graduated from the University of Texas Health Science Center Medical School, at San Antonio in 1995, and completed a residency in Adult Psychiatry. He was recognized as a National Institute of Mental Health Outstanding Psychiatry Resident in 1997. After completing adult psychiatry training, Dr. Konyecsni completed a fellowship in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry in San Antonio, and served as Chief Resident. In his professional career, Dr. Konyecsni has worked in multiple treatment settings and organized treatment services as a Medical Director of outpatient clinics, acute inpatient units for children, adolescents, and residential treatment centers. Dr. Konyecsni has been providing personalized, skilled care to his patients in private practice in Austin since 2007, and has been a consultant to the state of Texas on the use of psychotropic medications.

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